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A Bend in the Eure, 1919 by Gustave Loiseau A big tree, 1891 by Paul Gauguin A blue roof (Farm in Pouldu), 1890 by Paul Gauguin
A Bouquet of Flowers in Front of a Window, c.1910 by Maxime Maufra A Boy with Sailboats by Henri Martin A branch of Citisedans Vase by Henri Martin
A breton boy, 1889 by Paul Gauguin A breton landscape. David's mill., 1894 by Paul Gauguin A Breton Sunday, 1890 by Paul Serusier
A Bunch of Garlic and a Pewter Tankard by Meijer de Haan A Canoe (Tahitian Family),, 1896 by Paul Gauguin A canoes, 1884-1885 by Georges Seurat
A Close, 1890 by Paul Cezanne A Corner of the Artist's Room in Paris, 1907-1909 by Gwen John A Corner of the Artist's Room, Paris, c.1907-c.1909 by Gwen John
A Cottage in the Snow, 1879 by Camille Pissarro A cottage with thatched roof in Douarnenez, 1898 by Maxime Maufra A Cove at Sevignies, 1906 by Gustave Loiseau
A Cowherd on the Route de Chou, Pontoise, 1874 by Camille Pissarro A Creek in Saint Thomas, Antilles, 1856 by Camille Pissarro A Cross on the Hill by Stefan Dimitrescu
A Dark Day, c.1910-c.1913 by Maurice Prendergast A Day in the Country, c.1914-c.1915 by Maurice Prendergast A Field in Varengeville, 1899 by Camille Pissarro
A Field of Yellow Flowers, 1889 by Vincent van Gogh A Field with Figure, 1886 by Henri Martin A Fishing Boat in Dieppe Harbour , 1929 by Christopher Wood
A flower in a pot and strawberries, 1938 by Ilya Mashkov A fruitdish by Maxime Maufra A Garden in Provence, 1901 by Henri-Edmond Cross
A fruitdish by Maxime Maufra
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A Garden in the Sunshine by Henri Martin A Girl in the Street, Two Coaches in the Background, 1882 by Vincent van Gogh A Girl Raking , 1881 by Vincent van Gogh
A Grenadier Guardsman 1917 by William Orpen A Group of Cottages, 1890 by Vincent van Gogh A Gunner's Shelter in a Trench, Thiepval 1917 by William Orpen