Art Nouveau Reproduction Oil Paintings  

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"Daphnis and Chloe" set design  by Leon Bakst "Helene de Sparte" - costume for Ida Rubinstein as Helene by Leon Bakst "Le dieu bleu" - set design , 1912 by Leon Bakst
"Les femmes de bonne humeur" - set design , 1917 by Leon Bakst "Narcisse"- Nymph Echo , 1911 by Leon Bakst "The _arnival" - Estrella , 1910 by Leon Bakst
6th Sokol Festival, 1912 by Alphonse Mucha 8th Sokol Festival, 1912 by Alphonse Mucha A Balloon Seller , 1915 by Boris Kustodiev
A Bouquet of Flowers on the Balcony, 1924 by Boris Kustodiev A Carta by Eliseu Visconti A Girl With Her Guardian Angel by Charles Maurin
A Carta by Eliseu Visconti
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A girl, 1903 by Filipp Malyavin A girl, 1903 by Filipp Malyavin A Girl. Sketch, 1897 by Boris Kustodiev
A Greedy Monkey, 1929 by Konstantin Somov A Gurnard one has towel, 1914 by Felix Vallotton A Lady on a Marble Bench in Ancient Rome, 1909 by Wilhelm Kotarbinski
A mœsica , 1898 by Eliseu Visconti A merchant in a fur coat, 1920 by Boris Kustodiev A Merchant, 1918 by Boris Kustodiev
A monk, 1896 by Filipp Malyavin A peasant covering up her mouth by coat, 1894 by Filipp Malyavin A Peasant Women, 1904 by Filipp Malyavin
A Providencia Guia Cabral by Eliseu Visconti A quartier latin, 1898 by Alphonse Mucha A rich peasant by Filipp Malyavin
A Roman Bacchanal (detail) by Wilhelm Kotarbinski A serious question by Sergey Solomko A Sleeping Woman, 1909 by Konstantin Somov
A Street (also known as Street Corner) by Felix Vallotton A Troubled Soul by Ferdinand Hodler A Vallon Landscape, 1923 by Felix Vallotton
A View of Lake Brienz from Bodeli by Ferdinand Hodler A walk in the garden, 1896 by Max Kurzweil A woman in a grove, 1917 by Jacek Malczewski