Academic Art Reproduction Oil Paintings  

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 A crisp morning, Kilchurn Castle by William Leighton Leitch ƒcho , 1887 by Alexandre Cabanel 1807, Friedland, c.1861-c.1875 by Ernest Meissonier
1814. Campagne de France (Napoleon and his staff returning from Soissons after the Battle of Laon), 1864 by Ernest Meissonier A Bashi Bazouk, c.1869 by Jean-Leon Gerome A Bath, Woman Bathing Her Feet by Jean-Leon Gerome
A Blockade Runner, 1888 by Briton Riviere A boy on a donkey, 1855 by Fyodor Bronnikov A CafŽ in Cairo by Jean-Leon Gerome
A Chat by the Fireside by Jean-Leon Gerome A Classical Courtship, 1853 by Auguste Toulmouche A Collaboration by Jean-Leon Gerome
A Dangerous Game, c.1880 by Henryk Siemiradzki A degola‹o de S‹o Jo‹o Batista, 1855 by Victor Meirelles A Fine Point by Jehan Georges Vibert
A fisherman hunging fishing nets, 1875 by Fyodor Bronnikov A Game of Piquet, 1861 by Ernest Meissonier A Garden, 1869 by Albert Joseph Moore
A Garland, 1888 by Albert Joseph Moore A girl from Albano standing in the doorway by Alexander Ivanov A Girl's Head by Thomas Couture
A Grand White Enuch Watching Doves by Jehan Georges Vibert A Gypsy, 1877 by Henryk Siemiradzki A Harem by Jean-Leon Gerome
A Harem by Jean-Leon Gerome
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A Helping Hand, 1884 by Eugene de Blaas A Hot Day in Cairo (front of the Mosque) by Jean-Leon Gerome A Hunt Ball, 1885 by Julius LeBlanc Stewart
A Japanese Imploring a Divinity by Jean-Leon Gerome A Japanese, 1882 by Jules Joseph Lefebvre A Legend of Saint Patrick, 1877 by Briton Riviere
A Morta by Victor Meirelles A Muezzin Calling from the Top of a Minaret the Faithful to Prayer, 1879 by Jean-Leon Gerome A Musician, c.1867 by Albert Joseph Moore
A Morta by Victor Meirelles
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A Painter, 1855 by Ernest Meissonier A Parkland View at Dusk, 1879 by William Leighton Leitch A passagem de Humait‡, 1886 by Victor Meirelles